About Us

In the architect’s words “form follows function is cold and rigid – I prefer to think that art and function create form.” Fine Architects, founded by the architect Bram Fine in 1984 is an art and function focused firm. Fine received his degrees at Illinois Institute of Technology and has added to the teaching of Mies van der Rohe his own theories of design, where geometry, symmetry and balance in nature are the basis of each project.

Architecture is an art that you live in, work in, and walk by everyday that should leave you with a feeling of courtship, safety, comfort and excitement. Each project must leave a positive impact on the environment giving our clients a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Fine Architects works closely with each individual client to ensure excellence from concept to completion.

The firm has designed a wide range of projects, including private homes, apartment buildings, industrial, commercial and public facilities. No matter how small or large a project, Fine Architects is committed to creating an environment where functionality and design express a sense of safety and comfort while creating an experience of excitement in harmony with itís community.